Off the Leash is a live action puppet web series based around a small art studio trying to meet its deadlines and a film critic bent on sabotage. Every season takes place in a 24 hour period at Hao Long studios; the oppressive location where our core cast of characters work at. And this oppression takes its toll on all of the major cast members in some way.

Hao Long studios is the home of the Huggie Bunnies, the worst running childrenXXXs television show still on the air. The Huggie Bunnies is also the only reason Hao Long studios is still open, as the rushed look to everything the studio has produced pushed the rest of their clients to go with a rival company. The rushed look comes from two sources: Chao Main (studio owner) pushing the team to finish projects on a very last minute basis, and Boris (lead animator) not speaking up for his team.

Lurking quietly in the background is Du Chomp, the host of a web blog entitled “The Animation Connoisseur”, where Du Chomp reviews animations of all nature. Normally he has something positive to say about everything in the animation community, but he cannot bring himself to accepting the fact that The Huggie Bunnies television show is “art.” Once Du Chomp found out the show got renewed for a second season, he lost it. From that moment on, Du Chomp swears to take down the Huggie Bunnies.

Will Boris “grow a pair” and finally speak up for his team and his job? Or will Chao Main’s push the studio to its limit? Can Du Chomp destroy the corporate pile of crap known as the Huggie Bunnies? Stay tuned as we go “Off the Leash.”